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Pole Fitness Showcase & Competition

We began this showcase with the idea of sharing our passion for the art of pole dancing with the public by taking it to the stage. Pole dancing is more than just a form of dance or exercise, it is an art form that includes strength, flexibility, balance, poise, grace, attitude and of course a stage presence.


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FormFitting Fitness has been open since 2008! We provide women with a gorgeous place to exercise through fun, unique, fitness opportunities.

Our studio caters specifically to women, 18 and over. Our staff and students are extremely supportive of your goals and here for you when the going gets tough. From flashy dancing to intense weights, we work with you to make your fitness routine fun and get results. You won’t find a better group of instructors anywhere. We lead by example!


Suspension Yoga

We offer two different types of suspension classes. Suspension Calm- focusing on stretching and relaxing your muscles. Suspension Max Effort – an extremely intense fitness class, requires some athletic/fitness capabilities to participate.

Aerial Hoop

Two levels of aerial hoop right now include, Basic Hoop and Basic Hoop Combinations.

Pole Classes

Here at FormFitting Fitness we offer options: pole dancing as pure fitness or as a sensual dance form.


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